Sunday, 13 July 2008

Old habits...

We've now been on the road for over 3 months. This is a list of some of the things we've not done since we left Scotland... (in no particular order)

taste Marmite, eat good cheese - especially a nice strong cheddar,
eat macaroni cheese, use a mobile phone,
watch ITV, play the violin,
buy cheap CDs from Fopp(Athole), get a haircut,
cook all our own meals for even one day, drive on the left hand side of the road,
spend hours slowy eating a whole packet of Tunnock's teacakes, eat salt n' vinegar crisps,
go to Gregg's for a steak bake (Athole only!), nice leg of roast lamb (roll on New Zealand),
scoff a big bowl of roast tatties, mark a pile of school jotters,
not needed a visa to go everywhere, baked a cake(Kathy!),
fed Pesto the cat, fed Keir!!!!
gossip for hours at Book Club (Kathy), use a staple gun and laminating machine (Athole!),
read a British newspaper, use a 3 point plug,
eat Weetabix, wear a pair of jeans,
drive a car, visit Tescos...

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Jenny said...

Hello! I've just caught up with all your news after a wee while of not reading the blog. Sounds amazing (all except the sick bugs that is).
Thanks so much for the books you sent for R and El, they loved getting a mysterious parcel with amazing stamps and the books are good too! Will email some pics of their Italian adventures shortly.
Love to you both.
Jenny and clan x