Sunday, 13 July 2008

One month overdue...

Life seems to change very quickly on the road. Here are some of things we have not done for over a month now...

wear socks, wear a jumper,
wear our (very heavy) hiing boots, visit a cinema not showing knock-off DVDs,
fly in a plane (China), drink fresh milk,
travel on a train, spot any birch trees (Russia),
see any snow, eat a Kipling's apple pie (Athole only!),
sleep in a room that doesn't have either a fan or mosquito net, eat real homemade jam (Russia),
eat frogs (Laos), seen a Marks and Spencers shop (Russia),
seen a MacDonalds - true! (China), watched wild horses (Mongolia),
met another Scot, seen the lovely Swedish girls (China),
played the game of 'Serious Pirates' (Moscow), worn thermal underwear (Russia).

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