Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Bali bums

Bali is all about beaches, surfing, shopping, getting as drunk as possible and finding a new spot on your body to inflict a dodgy tattoo. We didn´t do very much. We zoned out for a few days into our own world of beaches, books and the Olympics on the tele. The local Indonesian food we tried was disappointing, usually fried and greasy.
Nothing much happened. A couple of young English chaps turned up at the hotel one day, surfboards in tow. One of them described an hilarious account of how he nearly forgot his board, after which the other one branded him an "uber-doofus-diggalo!" Don´t know what it means but I´m using it.
By the end, Kathy was back to full health and we were ready for a new life down under. Don´t think we´ll be back to Bali in a hurry.

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