Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cheesers and winos on the Margaret River

At the weekend, our magnificently generous hosts, April and Dave, drove us down South to the beautiful Margaret River area for a we spot of wine tasting and cheese mongering/murdering!
Oh, CHEESE, how we miss you... All the countries we had previously visited from Russia to Indonesia don´t really do cheese. Posh restaurant menus aside, Laughing Cow processed cheese in Vietnam was as close as we got. We had a lot of quality cheese eating time to make up for. A ´cheese factory´no less had been spotted on the map. The excitement was almost too much. Cheddar, Brie, smelly Stilton and Wensleydale; how we miss you.
Our time in the Margaret River was perfect. We were blessed with clear starlit skies, unspoilt sandy beaches and we clambered over the magestic Canal Rocks like a couple of ten year olds. It was also full on fun for grown ups. Glasses were swilled, noses dipped and a thesaurus of superlatives spent debating the merits of various Merlots, Cab Savs, Semillons and Chardonnays. we visited the famous Simmos ice-cream parlour TWICE. And, yes, we ate a hell of a lot of cheese. "Don´t it make you feel good?" as the gravel throated Stefan Dennis of Neighbours once asked. Yes, Dennis, it certainly don´t, erm does.
On the way home to Perth we stopped off at April´s Auntie who was waiting for us with some ready baked scones and freshly whipped cream. Dave scoffed at least twice us much as everyone else. I counted! Well, he´s a growing lad after all. As they say back home, "tuck in yer at yer Unties."

Our final day with April and Dave was a Sunday picnic to end all picnics at King´s Park. It felt like half of Perth was there doing the same thing. And then to top it off a superb roast pork dinner at night. The belt was loosened. Twice.
It is impossible to sum up how much generosity and kindness our hosts showered unselfishly upon us. If we can treat them to half as much hospitality when they visit Scotland then we´ll be doing very well indeed. But as always, we just can´t promise the weather. I´m sure a picnic and bbq in the backseat of a car will be a novelty for them anyway...

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Anonymous said...

just thought it pertinent to point out that Dza sells cheese & wine buy the bucket load - good stuff mind!! So we'll make sure your cheese fetish is well satisfied for christmas!!!
can't wait to see you both!!
Kirst x