Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Blogging in China

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who has been leaving lovely comments on the blog. We would love to reply, but our blog is banned in China! Actually, I'm sure most blogs are banned in China. Therefore, although we can publish to the blog, we can't actually see it.

So some quick replies to people.

Keir: Thanks for the update on Pesto. Will do our best to find some 'special' postcards for you! Glad the touring went well!

Nathalie: Thanks for the Francophile contributions. Keep them coming. And please wish Anouk a happy birthday. I suppose it is too late to reserve any of that double chocolate cake?!

Yann: I can't believe your first year at Uni is nearly over. And exams. Does that mean you are beginning to do some work? :-) Hope you do well! What are your plans for the summer?

Pat and John: Loved the joke. And I know that there are plenty more where that came from!

Auntie Kit / Uncle Tommy: Dead chuffed to hear the whole Bayne posse are keeping in touch. Get the wee ones to write their news. Would love to hear from them!

Kirsty and Darren: Yeah, it will be hard to imagine old Boris preciding over the Olympic games - prersuming he lasts that long! If he can't find nice things to say about Liverpudlians, heaven knows what he will say about the rest of the world.

P6B: Congratulations to Rebecca and Laura who have a new wee sister and cousin called Jessica!!! I hope all you guys are working hard for your new teacher! Or else... :-)
Who is winning the funny contest between Colin and Angus?
IS Arean still tormented by MSN?
Has Alexandra had any more injuries lately?
Is Cameron going to see Rangers in the UEFA cup final?
Is Mrs McPhee behaving herself?
Have Morgan and Niamh performed in Joseph?

All these questions and more! Tell me your news.


P6b said...

mrs mcphee is behaving, and Morgan and Niamh have been in Joseph, were not sure about cameron, and mrs harvey is going for her lunch now... bye

Anonymous said...

I have no injureys just now.I don't know what i am going to do in the summer. i went pier jumping in the easter i got a scar but it wasn't that bad. the water was absolutely frezzing. alex

Rebecca said...

Hi Mr M! I REALLY REALLY MISS YOU!!! Jessica is 7 weeks now!!! It is only three weeks to the holidays it is going SO fast.
From Rebecca xx

Rebecca said...

Oh Mr M I forgot yes Angus and Colin are STILL having arguments about who is the funniest! Bye,
Rebecca xx
PS- Alex has spelt freezing wrong!

Anonymous said...

Who is winning the funny contest between Colin and Angus? Colin
IS Arean still tormented by MSN?Yep he is
Has Alexandra had any more injuries lately? i think shehurt her foot last week
Is Cameron going to see Rangers in the UEFA cup final? no he didnt go
Is Mrs McPhee behaving herself?yep
Have Morgan and Niamh performed in Joseph?yes it was great fun (morgan says)

from Ainsley

Mr M said...

Thanks for all your news! Please keep it coming. I may be half way around the world but I still don't want to miss out on all the gossip!!