Saturday, 3 May 2008

We miss Pesto!


Anonymous said...

John and Pat are saying hello. unfortunately can't follow your tour as want, but our computer is heading to the graveyard in the sky, big style. but hijacked a shottie elsewhere!
looks like fab trip so far. Mr M, don't go for the beard or mouser! go goatee!never mind the furry boots, I fair like the furry coats!take care and we'll be in touch again
quick joke- man fae Buchan gings tae Ehberdeen tae buy some sheen (aka shoes). gets a bittie confuddled which ane gings whar. asks the shop assistant - 'Excuse me, fit fit fits fit fit?'!!!

Rebecca said...

Your cat Pesto is SOOOOOO cute Mr M (I am jealous)!