Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Chinese Earthquake in Sichuan

Yesterday (Monday 12th) there was a massive earthquake in the Sichuan province. The BBC reports of it sound horrendous. It is the worst earthquake to hit China in 30 years. Some 10000 people are feared dead or injured, but it looks like the figure could be a lot worse. 900 children are trapped underneath a collapsed school.
The BBC report says that the Chinese media's response had been fairly open. We watched the coverage on CCTV 9, China's English speaking channel. It was very reserved and limited and focused more on what the state was doing to help victims, rather than the plight of victims themselves. But I'm sure the shock of the quake and resulting effect on communication supplies does not help.
We are not there, and have not been affected directly by the quake. We were planning on travellling to Sichuan province in a few days, but obviously we will be changing our plans. Our thoughts go out to all the people who have been affected by the quake and of course the emergency teams who will be dealing with the aftermath.

As I write this in an internet cafe in Tai'an, I can hear the sound of the BBC's ident coming from other computers in the room.

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