Wednesday, 28 May 2008

60 seconds in Kunming

Kunming has been the most relaxed city we have visited yet in China. It has a great feel about it. So rather than lots of rambling nonsense, here are a couple of rambling videos instead.

The first one us of folk / dance session in Kunming park. The whole place was littered with similar musical gatherings under every shady tree or pavillion.

The second one is a taste of how it feels to ride a bike in China. Hairy but loads of fun!


Keith said...

I wish I could wander down to Inverleith Park and chance upon a folk session, but I think it's pretty unlikely.

Fantastic blog by the way.

- Keith

Mr M said...

Hi Keith!!
It's keep fit, tai chi, mass line dancing in the mornings from as early as 6am - to folk sessions, karaoke singalongs and dancing in the afternoons. Yeah, you'd be lucky to get a kick-about in Inverleith these days!